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Learning To Play Piano From Beginner To Pro In No Time!

Want to learn to play piano but have a heard time learning it on your own? Then Rocket Piano is your solution! This is a guest post by Chris Martin:

With the digital age in full swing, it’s no wonder everything you need can be found in cyberspace. As a huge supporter of this new lifestyle, it’s very intriguing how so many different things pop out of nowhere. An example is the e-book, like the name connotes, it’s an online reading material. The last e-book I read was Harry Potter’s book seven; recently it just came to my attention that even instructional manuals can be marketed as an e-book.

In all honesty the idea seemed rubbish at first. Teaching you how to do this and with just a scroll using your mouse; it just seemed absurd. A long time friend told me about this e-book she found when she was surfing the net. As she typed the keyword piano, she found herself wandering into one of those online marketing sites. She confesses that the words Rocket Piano was really intriguing.

She later on told me that it was an e-book on learning to play the piano. Personally this was something I wanted to try for myself, why you may ask? I have a handful of friends swears their lives on e-books. My secret agenda was to prove that this instructional fad is simply a marketing racket.


So I searched for this Rocket Piano, and to my surprise their marketing platform is really convincing. This Ruth Sealer, who happened to be the creator of this learning kit, looked authentic. It was perfect I have ample knowledge in piano playing, so I took a chance and bought the entire thing.

Like any other normal stingy person, I tried the free 6-Lesson Introductory Piano E-course first. I have to admit it was loads of fun. Soon the entire packaged arrived, I was so surprised that I missed reading about the free bonuses that came with the kit.

I felt like a child opening a present on Christmas day. The kit included, three books that helps you level up from beginner to advance. Fifty-seven video lessons that made me wish my old piano teacher could see. Tons of audio files, I still haven’t browsed all of them. Jazz, gospel and hymn books that made me understand the history of each genre of music.

And not to mention two incredible software; for my part I love the Chordinator, this magnificent piece of technology teaches you how to read piano chords like an expert. For beginners you would need the Jayde Musica Pro, the Chordinator is far more advance. With Jayde Musica Pro, you’ll instantly learn to read and appreciate chord and notes.

Going back to the free stuff, I couldn’t help but feel lucky that I ordered this incredible piece of learning material. The free stuff included a book for advance piano lessons and the Prefect Your Pitch Pro software. This software made ma jump of my seat, I finally could transcribe my favorite song and play it.

Though I have little knowledge in piano playing, using this product made me realize that my piano teacher was getting paid more than she deserved. As I browsed through the advance piano lesson book, I was in shock.

The material I was reading was way more advance that my piano teacher herself. I felt really bad for my parents and for me as well. I had to endure a year of boredom with that old woman, and for what?

Overall, I failed because I myself have become an avid fan of this instructional material. Rocket Piano revived my love for music, and not only that it has given me an entirely different outlook on life and taking risks.

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500 Lovemaking Tips For A Healthier Marriage

Want to learn how to get a healthier marriage with lovemaking? Then you need this guide about 500 lovemaking tips. Here is a guest post by Jenny Smith:

Marriage is the union between two individuals. Their unity is both body and soul. This is the foundation of all marriages all over the world. But what do you do when both your bodies are too tired to practice the art of uniting? I have a confession my husband and I have some problems regarding the subject matter of sex.

When I look at the situation I can see the problem. We are both working in a big company which means, big buck equals long working hours. I know deep in my heart that our love hasn’t change, but like any marriage romance weakens when you’ve become too familiar with one another.

Our bed life has never been the way it used to be, it’s depressing but the fact is we we’re just to tired to pleasure one another. One day as I was surfing the net, I accidentally stumbled on a page, it read 500 Lovemaking Tips.

Maybe it was a sign from God, so I quickly felt the urge to read it. It was catchy; there we’re so many tips regarding sex. From pre-ejaculation problems, oral sex, to reaching that euphoric orgasm. But there was only one thing that caught my eye, tips on how to have great sex despite being tired. I have to admit it was a little exciting.

So When I got home, the first thing I did was order this product. I felt a little crazy after ordering it but I know this happened to me for a reason. Finally it arrived, my husband was curious about the item I just purchases.

But part of me felt a little shy in admitting that I bought a sex instructional manual, plus I wanted it to be a surprise, so I told him it was a software I bought online.

Every night, I read it I have to say most of it was quite intriguing and stimulating. But the knowledge was far more important than the malice. I learned tips on how to satisfy my lover with a new technique in oral sex. I also learned the importance of lights and perfumes, it really does add stimulation.

Another thing that made me want to try my new found knowledge is when I read about six different sex positions. I’ve always thought that I was a little adventurous but reading that made me realized I have a lot of stuff to learn.

After a few days after reading the e-book and the other free items, I decided it was time to try it. I started the night off giving him a massage; I used the new techniques that I’ve learned from the free e-book, How to Give Your Partner Great Massages.

Soon I felt that it was time to make my next move, one thing led to another and we stayed up till the wee hours of the morning having incredible sex.

The next day I couldn’t help but feel better, it was like a new me surfaced out of a still river. My husband was also smiling, something I haven’t seen in a long time. It was just today that I revealed my secret and as type this, he is currently reading it. I have to say our bedroom has become the hottest place in the house. True enough 500 Lovemaking tips lived up to its expectation and I feel better and healthier.

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Xbox 360 Repair Review – 3 Red Light Fix Guide

Need to repair your Xbox 360 ? Here is the best home xbox repair system: 3 Red Light Fix Guide. If you own an Xbox then you’re probably aware of what the 3 red lights or Ring of death is, right? Well, main culprit as to why your Xbox 360 gets 3 red lights is overheating. Keeping your console in an area where it is enclosed and doesn’t get much ventilation would heighten the risk of you getting the “Ring of death”.

So let’s say, you are doing just that but suddenly out of the blue the green ring of light on your Xbox has turned the dreaded shade of red. What could be done? Well, there is the option of shipping it back to Microsoft for repair but can you really last the whole 8 weeks that it’s going to take for your console to get sent back to you? Would you really fork up $140 for the repair bill? I didn’t think so.

If you’re one of the many people out there right now, who are staring at their console wondering what you did wrong and what can be done to fix it then I suggest, before you start tearing your hair out, to get for yourself the handy 3 Red Light Fix Repair Guide. It comes with everything that you might need to know about fixing errors with your XBOX all packed in one amazing EBook and now that it comes with online videos, it’s never been much easier.

Did you know that the 3 Red Lights problem as well as other Xbox 360 faults is so big that even BBC’s watchdog had a feature on it? So you see, you are not alone and you don’t have to suffer from it any longer. The 3 Red Light Fix Repair Guide was created by a person who has repaired thousands of Xbox 360’s all of which had Red Rings of Death.

Now, we can gain from his experience and learn how to fix the Xbox ourselves in under $50! Compare that with the $140 repair bill plus 8 weeks of being apart from your Xbox 360. Not only does this repair guide come at a reasonable price, it also comes with a complete refund deal if you are not fully satisfied. So what is there to lose?

The Xbox 360 Repair Guide will not only show you how to fix the Red Ring of Death problem it would also provide you with information about how to deal with over heated consoles, freeze ups as well as graphic errors. It is a step by step guide which is very easy to understand. You can start working on your Xbox 360 in under an hour. Talk about easy, huh?

So what comes with this wonderful Xbox 360 Red Light Fix Guide?

You get instructions that are so simple, anyone can do it. It also includes a number of videos which would show you exactly what to do. These videos are very useful for when you are having trouble understanding some of the instructions. The guide comes with pictures, making it easier for you and making sure you won’t make any mistakes. The purchase would also give you access to their membership area which is updated continuously with videos to help you further. Got questions? Their tech support is available online 24 hours a day.

Need a quick fix? The delivery is made immediately after you make your payment, no need to wait for 8 long weeks. Not satisfied? Get your money back with their refund guarantee. But I doubt if you’ll ever want to return it anyway.

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Dont Break Up With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend Just Yet..

Let us say: Dont break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend before you have read this important message.
We all know how utterly heart wrenching it is to get dumped by our romantic partners – especially if it’s for a snitch, I mean another person. We are constantly told to just move on, left with nothing else to take comfort from other than patronizing clichés that speaks of how we are better of without them or how it’s their lost and how we’ll find someone better.

But sometimes, we don’t want anyone better. We don’t want a new life, not when the old one was so good. I mean, granted every relationship has a falling apart, every spark has its moments of faded glitters but I believe that if something is worth keeping, then its worth saving or in this case, worth fighting for.

You just have to learn the do’s and don’ts of it all, I learned mine from Don’t Break-up E-book, I chanced upon it while I was surfing for tips on how to get my ex back on Google, the e-book wasn’t pricy and I was desperate to bring the love of my life home so I just sort of went for it.

My impulsive decision turned out to be one of the best I’ve ever made.

Don’t break-up by Veronica Young is like The Idiot’s guide to winning your ex back. It presents an easy enough to follow step by step guide to get back any severed relationship whether it was caused by infidelity, distance, growing apart or whatever tear jerker story it is that caused the break-up. Its like Men are from mars and women are from Venus only more concrete, diverse and most importantly elaborate in its suggestions.

Upon reading it, you’d be surprised how simple the solution is to your seemingly hopeless romantic situation. You just got to love it when they use science to counteract unquantifiable matters of the heart, it sort of makes you wonder if were all programmed the same way if the answers to our whims and needs could be predicted just like that by the e-book.

Reading Don’t break-up, at first I thought I was cheating my way back to my ex’s heart. I felt like I had the illegal walk through guide of our relationship right in my Macbook. But then I told myself, it is not like I was using it to hurt anybody, on the contrary I was using it rekindle the love bug that dozed off on my lover’s brain. I was merely trying to get back what used to be there after all.

And if because of it, someone outside our relationship gets hurt, well that’s hardly my burden to bear because there’s just no way more than two people can tango right.

Besides, there’s no harm in trying right? The only difference with Don’t break up is that I get to have a little help on my endeavors…

Alright, so it’s a big help, a really big help, but hey.
Didn’t someone famous used to say that all fair’s in love and war?

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Dog Food Secrets – Best Wellness Dog Food

Dog food secrets revealed! All about Best Wellness Dog Food and if canned food can be dangerous for your dog!

This is a guest post by Sheila Harling:
I miss Shadow. She was my first dog and he taught me a lot. You see, I was not a dog fanatic back then in fact, I fear having them around. I was asthmatic ever since I was a kid and I guess this is the main reason why I can’t even touch them. I was afraid that they’ll bite, afraid that I won’t be able to show them enough affection therefore making them become distant towards me.

I have a lot of negative sentiments back then but each of these slowly vanishes one by one because of Shadow. But then, out of the blue she was gone. I started asking myself why. What could have been the reason why she died? I gave her enough food to take, sufficient love to make her feel cared for, and I brought her to a veterinarian from time to time for her to receive her needed vaccines.

I search everywhere just to unveil the dark secret behind her death. I know there’s something fishy particularly on the food that she took up which I suspected to have poisoned her. I was right. The book entitled Dog Food Secrets is a complete eye-opener. The extensive ailment and death of dogs from nutritionally inadequate and poison-laden commercial dog food is a common knowledge in the world of vets and dog experts.

I asked my vet about it and he confirmed that this commercial dog food killed my dog, Truth is, dog foods are equipped with deadly chemicals that even humans are forbidden to take since it can lead to serious diseases in the near future which include kidney cancer, bladder cancer, leukemia, major organ failure, severe allergic reactions, birth defects, behavioral problems, hair loss, and blindness.

I wish I was able to obtain the book Dog Food Secrets way back when I still have Shadow. This is a survival-guide to a healthier, better-off dog that can live the life they are expected of. The book offers home-made recipes that possess the right principles of nutrition and calorie control. But the book also confesses that diet is not mainly the sole element to a healthier dog rather it also includes an inclusive, health-care routine.

After seeing this amazing discovery, I decided to get another puppy and I am rest assured that he will not have the same fate that Shadow has to undergo. The book taught me about the 3 deadly cancer-causing, organ damaging preservatives that should be avoided. It also gives me proper instruction on how to notice the shameful truth behind every dog foods labeled such as “premium,” “superpremium” and even, “ultra-premium” or “gourmet”.

And instead of using this commercially prepared food, I now prepare his food by myself since I now know those foods which are high sourced of phosphorous, vitamins A and B which are needed for optimal organ function. I am also feeding him with the 6 best grains for his energy and since I’m feeding them natural foods, I am able to save a lot of money!

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Learning How To Sing Like A Pro – Singorama

I was born in a family of singers but as if fate had been making a joke out of me, I was the only one among our siblings with a not-so-good voice. I tried various programs and singing lessons but to my dismay, none of them would suit me good. Then came that fateful day, a few months ago as I was browsing the internet I came across hundreds of reviews about Singorama but since I had tried various tricks before, I brushed the thought out of my system.

The next day my brother asked me to join him in an inter-school choir organization and since I had been so desperate to be part of them ever since time immemorial, I gave it a shot. From then on, I promised myself that I’ll be good at singing and although I was born without the talent for it, at least I’ll exhaust all means to improve my voice. Hurriedly I brought my very first Singorama program.

With almost 2 decades of practicing how to sing the right way, I have encountered various approach that only created a perplex thought within me. What I love about this product is that they are able to combine all those different approaches so I get the best singing lesson possible! I never felt as good as this before and now that I have this wonderful product, I was able to practice along with skilled singers as they guide me step by step to increase my vocal range. They even though me how to hold the microphone correctly, I was so amazed to know that even the slightest details are given due importance.

Also, one factor that contributes to my poor singing performance is the inferiority that I feel among my siblings but Singorama help me vanished the cloud of low self-esteem as they gave me insights on how to beat stage fright and more. They also allow me to learn how to dance with the rhythm of the song. Moreover, there is what they call as the Singorama Mini Recording Studio software that is available with various singing tools like virtual piano that kept me in key. Also, with the Singorama’s Perfect Your Picth Pro software, I was able to hit the right note all the time!

During my entire Singorama singing lesson course, never did a time comes that I felt that I been taking up more than what I can chew since the course started on the very basic level and as the time continues, it increases the difficulty level. I was able to sing at my own pace and I never felt obliged at all. In fact, it never appeared to be a signing lesson for me because I was enjoying all the time. My brother saw all the changes in me and he was eager to buy the program too! Gone are the days when I use to envy his skills since now, I’m proud to say that I think I’ve surpassed his singing aptitude.

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Secret Way To Earn Money With The Iphone

The millennium has opened its doors to innovative devices well-thought out by the most creative geniuses of the technological industry. As the years go by, more and more gadgets, from computers, to cellular phones, populate the market. These gadgets are surely eye candies for techies. Innovations are constantly evolving, and these do not fail to amaze us even one bit.

Probably the latest gadget that everyone can think of when it comes to cellular phone is the Iphone Nova. This wonder carefully conceptualized by the creative individuals in Apple Inc. combines useful functions which include the features of a cellular phone complete with text messaging, visual voicemail, media player for audio and video files, and internet browsing. This cellular phone will certainly delight the eyes of many, especially those who are fanatics of technological innovations.

In connection with the Iphone’s functionality for internet browsing, this one of a kind device can also download e-books straight from the internet. Now what in the world is an e-book, you ask. An e-book, is a shortened term for an electronic book, very similar to the conventional printed book that we have in bookstores. The difference lies in the fact that the document can be read in personal computers, or other devices.

The Iphone is a device which can download an e-book. Complete with the innovations that one needs for a fast-paced lifestyle, most individuals in the technological industry recommend downloading an e-book from an Iphone. First of all, it is quite convenient for a person to download the e-book straight from your Iphone because the phone itself is lightweight, and it can be carried off wherever you go. Wondering whether you can read a classic which you need to avail of in English class? With just a few clicks from your Iphone, that is never a problem.

Another advantage of the Iphone e-book is its ability to conveniently connect directly to the hyperlinks provided in the e-book text. With just one click away, you can easily access important additional information provided in the e-book. It will give you the convenience that you need.

For individuals who are always on the go, the Iphone e-book is one device that could really help you. Students who would avail of an Iphone e-book will certainly find it convenient to surf the net using their phones and download their reading assignments straight from their favorite gadgets. Business professionals who need to forward and receive e-book files do not need to worry anything about not accessing their files because they can carry their Iphones with them anytime. These and more are just some of the conveniences that any Iphone user should expect.

If you are a person on the go, the Iphone e-book will be a very useful and functional feature for you. You do not have to worry about passing your reports late again. With an e-book from your Iphone, all you have to do is click and download straight from your phone. The rest is history.

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Cure Your Elavil and Bruxism Now! No More Teeth Grinding

Bruxism is a disorder wherein the teeth grind during sleep, and it is done unconsciously. The person suffering from it is unaware that he has such a rare condition, and he only knows about it through the people he is sleeping with.

There are many known causes to bruxism – such as some worms in the stomach, and a possible teeth condition. There are also many known cures to bruxism such as going to the dentist to have one’s teeth checked or making one’s environment stress-free since there have been studies that report that stress causes bruxism. And of course, there are available drugs to cure bruxism.
bruxism cure

One such drug that is proven to treat bruxism is elavil, which is generally known as amitriptyline. Elavil is also a drug that is known as TCA or tricyclic antidepressant. This drug is often used for affective disorders and there have been reports that this is also known to cure the paranormal activities of bruxism.

The process of curing bruxism through elvail is still not figured out but it does contain serotonin and norepinephrine, which sedates the person suffering from bruxism. Aside from bruxism, elavil is also known to cure several diseases such as migraine, psychogenic problems, orofacial pain and fibromyalgia. This drug, elavil, is indeed a one of a kind therapeutic treatment for patients who grind their teeth at night or for those wanting a much needed rest since they are always stressed out.

It is assured that this drug is not known to cure patients who have a mental illness but elavil does treat depression when intake is at higher doses, and the effects of elavil at a lower dose is quite different. People suffering from “bruxism” are strongly encourage to take immediate action in order to address their condition. Proper consultation with a dentist would be great to prevent things from being worse

But just be wary since people who are under elavil should take precaution as this drug shouldn’t be administered to children below 12 years of age, and should not be taken by patients suffering from this diseases such as cardiovascular problems, and hyperthyroidism. Its a good thing that now you can cure bruxism, because it can be very painful.

It is also advisable that patients suffering from bruxism, or TMD, should take a dose of 10mg although the dose can be reached up to 150mg. On the other hand, the dose can be reached to 40mg during nighttime to take effect. Patients who feel sleepy in the morning are advised to take the table early in the evening to try to overcome this side effect.

There are also other side effects to this one such as a weight gain, according to some patients. A traditional prescription of elavil should be: 10mg at a dispense of 40 tablets and should take 1 or 2 tablets for people suffering from bruxism.

But before taking elavil to cure bruxism, just make sure that you are not sick some other way, and it is always best to consult one’s doctor first before buying the drug. Bruxism is still a treatable condition.
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bruxism cure

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